Congratulations! It's time to take a breather and relax!

Once both your attorney and the buyer's attorney give the go-ahead for closing, Elke will contact your attorney to schedule a suitable time. If you're out of state, alternative arrangements can be made, such as mailing the closing documents for your signature. In Myrtle Beach, it's quite common for sellers' closings to be conducted via mail.

A day or two before the settlement, you will receive a closing disclosure from either the attorney or Elke. This document provides a breakdown of your fees, credits from the buyer, and the expected proceeds from the sale.

Either the evening before or an hour before closing, the buyer and their agent will conduct a walk-through of the property. Their goal is to ensure that any agreed-upon repairs have been completed and that everything is in proper working order as it was during the home inspection. They will check the HVAC, water heater, appliances, and overall condition of the home. So, it's important to ensure that everything is functioning correctly, and remember to already have all personal items removed from the house.

On the day of your appointment, you and Elke will meet with the attorney who will review the deed, mortgage payoff, title, and other necessary paperwork with you. Once all parties have signed the deed, it will be recorded at the courthouse, and just like that, you've sold your property! Congratulations on this achievement!

Throughout the entire process, Elke will be there to guide you and ensure a successful sale. Please note that the information provided above is a condensed summary and not exhaustive. It's recommended to obtain a copy of "Your Buyer's Guide" from Elke for a comprehensive understanding. Throughout the closing process, maintain close communication with your agent, Elke, as well as the attorney, lender, and insurance agent to ensure a smooth and successful closing on your new home.

Remember, each transaction may have unique considerations, so it's crucial to consult with attorneys for tailored legal advice based on your specific situation.

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