One of the most important moments when we start the process, is your buyers consultation.  We normally do this over the phone and it takes about 30 minutes.  The Buyers Consultation is to help guide you through this exciting process, and to make sure that Elke understands your wants and needs  to help find your perfect home.  During your consultation, important points and crucial topics will be reviewed that will shape your home buying journey.   Some of the key points that will be covered include:

  • Is now the time to buy based on your unique circumstances?
  • What loan programs are available to you?
  • If you're a first-time home buyer-what in the world do you do? (Elke loves working with first time home buyers-it's so exciting!)
  • How does the home buying process work?
  • What type of home fits within your budget?  Remember, it's essential to make a decision based on what you can comfortably afford, not just what you qualify for
  • If you want to buy investment properties, how do you get started?
  • Are there tax savings available to you as a homeowner?
  • Should you buy or are you better off renting? 

As part of the consultation, you'll receive a valuable resource (if you haven't already received it), 'Your Guide to Buying a Home" which is packed with useful information about buying a home in the Myrtle Beach area.  This comprehensive guide contains useful information about where to find local resources, the home buying process, financing options and more!  

As your dedicated buyer agent, Elke will create a personalized plan to streamline your home buying journey, making it a stress-free and seamless experience.   Elke will work closely with your lender, attorney, home inspector, and the rest of your team to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

So, let's kickstart your home buying adventure! If you'd like to schedule a Buyer's Consultation, call Elke today at 843-655-7879email or click below to schedule a call.

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